Our special skillset include -


Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are considered as a foundation of career advancement for both directors and mentors. Employers of all sizes value people with leadership skills. At MMB we focus on providing directors with efficient leadership skills for their business to grow smoothly and employees to work on deadlines.

Decision-making skills

Inefficient decision-making, people use a certain seven-step process to tackle a particular problem. While it is not important to go through this process but it is equally important to learn this when you are in such a big position. At MMB we make our aspiring directors learn about the decision-making process with a whole 7 step plan.

Presentation skills

Presentation skill is required in every field you are in. Improvement in your presentation skills with a bit of work can help you reach wonders and that's what MMB teaches the directors to make their pitch better.

Financial Literacy skill

Financial literacy skill is something that so many people are missing today. At MMB we make sure our business directors are taught this skill with efficient decision making to make their future better.

Negotiation skills

This is considered to be one of the smartest qualities a businessman should have while making a deal with a client. MMB offers some amazing techniques on how to make the negotiating quality smooth with efficient street smart skills.

Goal-setting skills

Correct grammar, communication is key to written communication. The reader will make an opinion of you, based on both the content and the presentation and errors that are likely to lead to a negative impression. MMB makes sure you are equally good at writing skills as you are at communicating with the client. With both the quality, it will build a good impression of you as a director of a company in front of the clients.
Rajnickant Patel

Former MD & CEO BSE, Mentor, Advisor, RegTech, Speaker

Nilesh Vikamsey

Past President ICAI | Independent Director | Practising Chartered Accountant | Trustee in Vipassana & Educational Institutions

Amisha Vora

Owner and Joint Managing Director at Prabhudas Lilladher

Sridhar Ramachandran

Best Award winning Author, Amateur artist, Executive Coach, Board Director, Mentor and Management Advisor

Sanjay K Jain

MD of TT Ltd, Founder - Biznessclinic.life; Author of Pinch of Salt in Recipe Called Life, National Chairman – JITO –JBN

Sankara Ramnath

Author | Certified Mentor Coach - Business- Career- Personal Finance | Founder & CEO U2K Consulting


Transforming your mind and broadening your vision.

VISION & Mision

Our Vision and Mission


To be the most preferred one-stop solutions provider for Directors and Boardrooms worldwide.


To create a platform that facilitates Directors to build on their capabilities for the Board roles, get access to a community of Directors and Board services under one roof which helps them perform their roles efficiently and effectively.